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Thank you for visiting the Peace Room, the core of the Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program.

VISION: Challenge students during their college and university years to discover what they can do to increase the odds that they will have a more peaceful and healthy world in which to express their dreams.  The wisest of them wonder if civilization even has a future.

WORDS, WORDS, AND WORDS:  There is a lot of detail about the SPD program that follows.  The Issues Section can be ignored unless you are curious about how we feel on a number of subjects.  However, the last two paragraphs of this section are important.  There you will discover two special embedded programs in the SPD that assures growth and supports for schools that become SPD program hosts. 

TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY:  You are not being invited to a party.  See the section on Is Civilization Worth Saving?  All talk about technology and databases means nothing unless real people recognize the need for real work, and join to do it.  We think there will be joy in this work.  The rewards for success are obvious: we survive to live and love.

THE GOOD STUFF:  However, the last three entries in the Issues Section are really important. There you will discover two special embedded programs in the SPD that assures growth and support for schools that become SPD program hosts. You will also discover the reason the SPD program was created, and some of the issues that may limit its effectiveness.

LOTS OF DETAIL:  The Global System section will be important if you have a responsibility to sell the SPD program on your campus.

THE DATABASE:  This section will get your attention.  The data files identified are probably 90% of what students will create and maintain for their education and research leading to action to assure their future.  All of this, and students also earn academic credit for their work. This database will be used to run the SPD software package that is P.E.A.C.E. Incís gift to SPD host schools.

THE SUPPORT COMMUNITY:  The Flagship Center section will surprise some of you, and please most of you.  We fully expect the military, the intelligence community, and the private corporate sector to support every school that becomes a SPD program host.  Why wouldnít they?  You really donít appreciate peace until someone is trying hard to kill you, and most corporations are happier with a predictable peacetime economy.  Of course, the bottom line is that there wonít be a bottom line for any company if our violence to each other and the earth results in the loss of civilization.

CALENDAR:  This section reveals what we have been up to, and who is already aboard the train.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Peace work is a tough game.  That is why we are inviting the players who have the most to gain by winning it to join the P.E.A.C.E Inc team.  Enjoy the website, become a peace futurist with the SPD program.
Peace & Emergency Action Coalition for Earth (P.E.A.C.E. Inc.)
C. B. Scott Jones, Ph.D., President:
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