Institute for Human-Cosmic Interaction (IHCI)

Mission statement:
-To share knowledge and influence of off-world civilizations;
-To help raise human consciousness through innate spiritual abilities.

The IHCI will provide new approaches to address an ancient relationship: human contact with off-Earth entities. A major objective is to provide individuals with skill-sets that support positive outcomes of human and off-Earth entities contact.

The IHCI mission directly supports P.E.A.C.E. Inc.’s core mission: to reduce the level of violence at all levels of society, particularly where weapons of mass destruction are potentially at play.

The IHCI website is under construction and when online will provide details about IHCI’s planned projects and progress. In the interim, questions may be sent to:

Joan Halbert

We welcome IHCI into the new Cosmic/Earth game – direct contact and joint programs with our ET colleagues.